Who Are We?

We are a young company that creates unusual apps! Our latest app is called Scavenger Hunt – Survival Mode, and it will redefine your thoughts on apps! This app will not only help you bring your team closer together, but it is also perfect to meet new friends, stay in touch, or just have fun.

In addition to that, there is also a ton of things that you can learn about survival from using our apps, so if you are a puzzle solver or an adventurer in real life as well, it will keep you amused and teach you new things!

Build Your Team With Us!

Our application will make it easy for you to bring your team together and teach them what team meant. It will be able to allow you to play scavenger hunt wherever you are and whenever you have the time. Your progress is saved, and you can choose to play with multiple players in order to get the best experience. Not only that this game will teach you how to be a member of a team, it will also teach you how to think in advance and make the right decisions for each member of the team. All of this will come more than handy in any corporate firm or company. Make a tight-knit community by using our application!

Our Services!

If you would like to find out more about all the services that we will allow you to use, you are more than welcome to continue reading this article. In the following section, you will find out more about everything that we have to offer for all of our customers. In addition to that, we would also like to emphasize that this app was created with the help of numerous customers and we continuously try to make improvements. Your review is really important to us.

Making Your Own Quest

Another particularity that our app allows our users is to make your own quest. If you are creative and would like to create your own map for a team, you can definitely do so. We have allowed all of our creative users to express their creativity by making successful scavenger hunt maps.

Meeting New People Around The World

Our app will allow you to meet new people around the world and play scavenger hunt with them. This can be particularly interesting for people who don’t have anyone to play with. However, we also strongly encouraged that you invite your closest friends as well as your acquaintances to play scavenger hunt with you. Not only that it will be interesting for all of them to join you, but it will also create a stronger bond among you. This app is great for bonding people and creating lifelong friendships.


Customer Support

To top it all off, we also provide amazing customer service and customer support. Our app is there to make you happy and provide you with the experience of a lifetime. You do not have to go on a real scavenger hunt to experience it firsthand. This experience will also bring you closer with your friends, colleagues, coworkers, acquaintances. This service makes it possible for everything to run smoothly.


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Our Team 

Tim And Jake Conquer The World Of Scavenger Hunt Apps 

The creators of scavenger hunt app have had this idea for many years, but only recently they had the opportunity to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite childhood game.

Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson has worked in many IT companies before dedicating his time to creating a scavenger hunt app. It is safe to say that he had put all his creativity and ideas into building this app, but he has also brought his fast IT knowledge and programming knowledge to this project. 

Jake Williams

Jake Williams

Jake Williams has always been fascinated with puzzles and games, this is precisely why he teamed up with Tim in order to create this amazing app. Moreover, his talent for drawing and 3-D modeling was more than useful when creating the very first version of this scavenger hunts application.